2nd International Multidisciplinary Cancer Research Congress ‘s abstract book is ready for download.


Abstract Submission Deadline

24 June 2022

The selected abstracts will be announced at June 25,2022

Dear Basic Cancer Researchers,

You are cordially invited to participate in the 2nd International Multidisciplinary Cancer Research Congress to be held in Giresun, TURKEY, a lovely seaside city in the middle of The Blacksea Region from 21 to 24 july 2022.

This is a congress organised by MOKAD (Molecular Cancer Research Association of Turkey). MOKAD congresses are a particular platform for young researchers being gathered and share their works with each other. The congress particularly aims to provide the participants with lots of time to exchange their ideas during a long social event (a trip to highland) and through many short talks.

The congress will also be unique in one important thing. Molecular biologists will understand their future close collaboration (as a profession) with the medical oncologists. One of the panels is dedicated to this aim. A well-known medical oncologist using molecular biology tools for tailoring his treatments for patients will give a lecture in addition to the other lecturers who will talk in the same direction.

2nd International Multidisciplinary Cancer Research Congress welcomes the short talks of wide range of topics, including precision oncology, cancer stem cells, exosomes in cancer, liquid biopsy as future of oncology, epithelial-mesenchymal transition, novel anticancer small molecules, cell death (apoptosis/necrosis and autophagy) in cancer, epigenetics and cancer, cancer immunotherapy, nanoparticles against cancer, DNA damage, anticancer drug resistance, cancer microenvironment, and others.

Young researchers will have ample opportunity to present their own research results during open slots for short talks and poster sessions. Young applicants who make excellent presentation during short talks and poster sessions will be awarded! There will also be regular MOKAD awards.
In the congress, a small-scale workshop will also be held on the topic of better evaluation of cytotoxicity and cell death methods. All participants are welcomed to this no fee-event. Also, the congress fee is kept minimum to allow young researchers to be able to attend.

Giresun is a Blacksea city with amazingly green surroundings. It is known to be the capital of nut and cherry, and famous for highlands and ecotourism.

Hope to see you at the congress

All the best,

Chair, Engin Ulukaya
Istinye University
Head of Molecular Cancer Research Center

Co-chair, Ayşegül Çebi
Giresun University
Dean of Health Sciences Faculty